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The Shrimps on the Barby Guide to the Oz Tour
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*latest Guide update - 29th March 2006*

Since setting up Shrimps on the Barby, I've had loads of useful information e-mailed
in and posted to the discussion forum.

I wanted to put all of this together into a guide for everyone... so read on!

This is by no means complete at the moment (I've still got hundreds of posts to plough through!) - so feel free to send in any other advice/information that people could benefit from.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far - I've tried to give credit below where I've blatantly stolen someone's else's words!


Has been confirmed as follows:

10 v Prime Minister's XI, Canberra
12-14 v New South Wales, Sydney
17-19 v South Australia, Adelaide
23-27 1st Test, Brisbane

1-5 2nd Test, Adelaide
9-10 v Western Australia, Perth
14-18 3rd Test, Perth
26-30 4th Test, Melbourne

2-6 5th Test, Sydney
9 Twenty20 International, Sydney
12 VB Series ODI v Australia, Melbourne
16 VB Series ODI v New Zealand, Hobart
19 VB Series ODI v Australia, Brisbane
23 VB Series ODI v New Zealand, Adelaide
26 VB Series ODI v Australia, Adelaide
30 VB Series ODI v New Zealand, Perth

2 VB Series ODI v Australia, Sydney
6 VB Series ODI v New Zealand, Brisbane
9 1st VB Series final, Melbourne
11 2nd VB Series final, Sydney
13 3rd VB Series final (if needed), Brisbane

If you haven’t booked your flights yet – get a move on! Flights around the time of The Ashes are selling out very fast, and it’s already difficult to get back from Sydney the week of 7th-13th January.

Get as many quotes for flights as you can – my quotes ranged from £1,400 (!) to what I eventually paid (£820, including 3 nights in Hong Kong).

As for choice of Airline, Malaysian Airlines come highly recommended (thanks Bats) if you want a bit of comfort on your flight – loads of room and good entertainment. You definitely pay quite a premium though, over cheaper options like Eastern China and Gulf Air.

Allow £100 for a return internal flight (e.g. Melbourne to Sydney) and up to £200 if you’re going to the Perth Test. If you’re considering going by road to Perth, the coach trip takes 3 days across the south of Oz - endless desert and literally a straight road virtually all the way, GET THE PLANE!! (thanks BaggieGary… we can all learn from your experience!)

Demand for flights between Melbourne and Sydney is very high because you only have 2 days in which to make the trip, so book this as early as possible. Virgin Blue are very cheap for internal flights.

The number one thing to say about match tickets – DON’T PANIC! The press has been full of stories of how England fans won’t be able to get tickets, but this is the usual media scaremongering.

The FACTS! Tickets go on sale from 1st June to Australian fans only. They will check both residential address and registered credit card address, so unless you have Australian contacts it’s unlikely you’ll be able to blag this.

However, tickets go on general sale just over two weeks later, from June 19th. Keep your eyes on this page for details on how you can book tickets, as I’ll publish them here as soon as we here anything.

The main thing to bear in mind is that Australian grounds are simply massive. The MCG in Melbourne holds 100,000 and Sydney holds over 43,000. In the recent series against South Africa none of the Australian grounds sold out on any day. It’s true that tickets for The Ashes will be in greater demand, but as long as you get in early there will be plenty of tickets left.

Ticket prices haven’t been released yet, but they are amazingly cheap compared to watching Test Cricket in England. In the past you have been able to get a 5-day pass for each test for around £50! That wouldn’t get you a day’s play at Lord’s over here!

Some touts from Australia have already been offering tickets to English fans at massively inflated prices – DO NOT BUY FROM THEM at this stage. A couple of months peace of mind is not worth the huge premium they are charging.

Various packages are available from, however these can be a little on the expensive side (c. £2k for the Melbourne and Sydney tests).

Stay away from packaged tours from the likes of Gullivers and Sport Abroad, as these are very expensive (c. £2800 for 2 tests!)

The little extras they include are nice, such as breakfast each day, and transfers to and from hotels. However, for the money you can save it’s much better to do it all under your own steam. Food and travel should not be a worry for anyone – it’s relatively cheap to get around Australia and eating out is dead cheap (thanks dazza76).

Many England fans will be staying in hostels and dorms to save money – these are easy to find in the big cities and are usually quite good quality for the little money they charge. It’s also a great way of meeting people! Definitely do this if you are travelling on your own – you will meet loads of other people doing exactly the same! (thanks Gregs)

One place comes very highly recommended (thanks Gregs) – Palace Backpackers is very central, not far from the Gabba, clean, and by all accounts a very good bar!!!

For somewhere to drink, there can only be one option going by these reviews:

Down Under Bar - Brisbane
This place goes off!! The bar is for backpackers and students only. Best nights are Wednesday (Beach party), Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"Cheap beer, poor lighting, pool tables & decent music (most of the time). As for the previous post, this is not only open to backpackers!. "

"It's a must, actually it was my place for over 3 month! Just the best place as student or backpacker... cheap, easy... great! "

"Crazy, naked women, blow jobs on dance floor"!!!

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