Ashes Tour 2006
Another Triumph for the Shrimps XI!

Shrimps XI Vs Hobnob XI - 30th July 2006

The eagerly awaited re-match between the Shrimpers and the Nobbers was a similar story to last year's encounter - victory for the so far unbeaten Shrimps XI!

See below for scorecards, match report from Shrimps correspondent Memories of India, and pictures courtesy of Bats.

Match Report (by Memories of India)

Heavy overnight rain in Woodley threatened the annual Hobnob vs. Shrimps fixture, but nevertheless the two titans of the internet clashed at Woodford Park…with predictable results.

Reprising the 20/20 plus 10/10 arrangements which worked out so well for Shrimps last year, the Shrimps took first knock in the 20/20 game with Finch Royal and Alad opening the batting against Balti Express and Kingsley’s Kousin. After a couple of sighters, Finch in particular started despatching the ball to all parts, seeking to dominate the rotound opening bowlers.

Alas despite the flurry of runs it couldn’t last as Balti Express worked his way through the Shrimps top order. A Shrimps collapse was however halted by Sav and Scrooge. The left hand / right hand combination unsettled the hobnob bowlers, with Compo and AndyRFC both struggling with their line. Sav and Scrooge used this to their advantage, both cutting the ball for boundaries, until another flurry of wickets, this time prompted by Joel Garner bowl-a-like Maguire and by the leg-spinners of Chicken Balti Pie. This brought Aggro and Memories of India to the crease, and once again the runs began to flow to the extent that Chicken Balti Pie abandoned his leggies in favour of some medium pace. Some skilful shepherding of the tail by the unbeaten Goderz ensured that the Shrimps ended with a competitve total of 134 all out.

Compo and Kingsley's Kousin opened the batting for hobnob against Andover and MoI. Tight bowling from the shrimps openers began to take effect and hobnob wickets began to fall, especially once the shrimps change bowlers joined the fray, Unknown in particular bowling with aggression. The Shrimps pressure began to tell, and a severe thrashing looked to be on the cards until a fine partnership between the Balti brothers – Chicken Balti Pie almost clearing the pavilion with a huge swipe. Despite a run-rate at around 9 per over, CBP and Balti Express pulled hobnob right back into the match until at last the pressure told, and despite some late hits from Dirk Gently and Sharp_Shooter, hobnob subsided to a brave, but in reality futile total of 113 off 20 overs.

Victory for the Shrimps!

Clearly both teams were eager for a return to action but were understandably distracted by fantastic food provisions from Bats and Glo – many thanks ladies. I spent the tea interval hanging around hobnob’s umpire TROLI, hoping he’d buy me at least one pint of lager, but to no avail.

The 10/10 match kicked off and again Shrimps batted first. The Shrimpers had re-jiggled their line-up, with Tart Man taking the umpires coat and being replaced by Scrooge's Dad. Mr Coles snr talked a good game, but regrettably we didn't really get to see if he played one as he was disgracefully triggered lbw by TROLI on the first ball of the match.

This set the tone for a Shrimps innings which never really got going - Goderz smashed a scorching boundary through extra-cover but the top order never really got on top of the hobnob attack, with URZ Forever taking two wickets in two balls (including Aggro for a golden duck). AndyRFC produced his customary manic mix of massive wides blended with classic line and length, and it was only right at the very end of the Shrimps innings, when Andover drilled Chicken Balti Pie for a selection of fine boundaries, that the Shrimps total reached respectability - 80 from 10 overs.

There was concern within the Shrimps ranks that this might not be enough, but another magnificent bowling and fielding display from Shrimps made this total look more than adequate. Tight overs from Goderz, Alad, Unknown and Aggro saw the run-rate soar. The pressure really began to tell on hobnob, as Ayjaydee took a blow to the chest. Poor fielding from MoI (who let a shocker run between his legs off Coles Snr's bowling) could have cost the game, but MoI repaid the team by knocking over a couple of wickets in his over, and with Finch Royal to close the game out, the Shrimpers were never in trouble.

Another victory for the Shrimps.

So….many thanks to the following people: Bats and Gloria Gooner for providing food for hungry men - many thanks ladies and Bats I just need to add that me and your egg sandwiches are a potent mix; Scrooge's Dad + Tart Man for acting as Shrimps umpire, TROLI for acting as hobnob umpire - all three were very fair, totally impartial and really contributed to the day - many thanks guys; Scrooge for captaining Shrimps; Kingsley's Kousin for captaining hobnob, especially as Shakes was too unreliable to even turn up; the Balti brothers for bringing some kit; everyone who played - thanks to everyone really, I had another hugely enjoyable day, and I'm looking forward to next year's event already!

Scorecard - Twenty20

Shrimps won the toss and elected to bat.

Alad - b Kingsley's Kousin - 20
Finch - b Balti Express - 9
On The Pool Table - b Kingley's Kousin - 8
Tart Man - b Balti Express - 0
Scrooge - c Maguire b Chicken Balti Pie - 24
Sav - b Chicken Balti Pie - 23
Aggro - c Sharpy b Maguire - 8
Andover Royal - b Chicken Balti Pie - 1
Memories of India - b Maguire - 24
Goderz - not out - 1
Unknown - b Maguire - 0
Extras (w 14 nb 2) - 16

TOTAL (all out, 19.4 overs) - 134

Bowling Summary
Balti Express 4-0-21-2
Kingsley's Kousin 4-0-23-2
Compo 2-0-29-0
Andy RFC 2-0-20-0
Chicken Balti Pie 4-0-22-3
Maguire 3.5-0-19-3

Ayjaydee - b Andover Royal - 1
Compo - b Memories of India - 4
Balti Express - c Aggro b Andover Royal - 34
Kingsley's Kousin - c Aggro b Finch - 0
Maguire - b Finch - 3
Chicken Balti Pie - b Finch - 27
Dirk Gently - b Finch - 22
Sharp Shooter - not out - 5
Andy RFC - not out - 1

Extras (b1 lb 2 w13) - 16

TOTAL (7 wickets, 20 ovs) - 113

Bowling figures unknown

SHRIMPS XI won by 21 runs

Scorecard - 10 Over Slog

Shrimps XI won the toss and elected to bat

Shrimps XI

Unknown - b URZ Forever - 5
Boycott - lbw b Balti Express - 0
Goderz - c&b Ayjaydee - 8
Andover Royal - lbw b Maguire - 14
Aggro - c Chicken Balti Pie b URZ Forever - 0
Memories of India - c URZ Forever b Andy RFC - 5
Finch - not out - 12
On The Pool Table - not out - 16

Extras (b6 w14) - 20

TOTAL (for 6 wickers, 10 ovs) - 80

Bowling Summary
Balti Express 1-0-4-1
Compo 1-0-6-0
Kinsleys Kousin 1-0-7-0
Ayjaydee 1-0-4-1
URZ Forever 1-0-9-2
AndyRFC 1-0-12-1
Dirk Gently 1-0-4-0
Maguire 1-0-10-1
Sharpy 1-0-7-0
Chicken Balti Pie 1-0-11-0

Hobnob XI

Sharpy - b Goderz - 2
AndyRFC - c On The Pool Table b Scrooge - 0
URZ Forever - run out - 10
Ayjaydee - b Memories of India - 20
Kinsleys Kousin - lbw b Sav - 1
Compo - b Andover Royal - 5
Chicken Balti Pie - b Memories of India - 0
Maguire - b Memories of India - 0
Dirk Gently - b Finch - 0
Balti Express - not out 15
Dirk Gently (2) - not out 1

Extras (w9 nb 1) - 10

TOTAL (for 9 wickets, 10 ovs) - 64

Bowling Summary
Goderz 1-0-4-1
Alad 1-0-7-0
Scrooge 1-0-9-1
Aggro 1-0-5-0
Boycott 1-0-8-0
Sav 1-0-5-1
Unknown 1-0-6-0
Memories of India 1-0-1-3
Andover Royal 1-0-8-1
Finch Royal 1-0-11-1


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